Velveeta TrufflesCompartés offers some of the most luxurious chocolates in the world. Browsing the firm’s website reveals a vast variety of ornately designed and rendered chocolates fit for kings and magnates. It is truly a purveyor of the finest luxury truffles.Hence their collaboration in 2023 with Kraft Heinz, the owner of the Velveeta brand. The press release for this culinary treasure describes this product that infuses actual Velveeta cheese with white chocolate.This delicious candy is one of many innovative Velveeta collaborations, including nail polish and martinis. I’m not sure about the combination of cheese and chocolate, but I’ll gladly give it a try.-via Fast Company
Why Jelly Belly Offers Such Disgustingly Weird Flavored Jelly BeansWhen I first encountered Jelly Belly jelly beans, I would sort them by color so I would learn which ones were popcorn flavored. They tasted like butter and corn, but also were very sweet, and I didn't like that at all. I wanted to eat the eggnog flavor beans, but I didn't want to eat them in the same mouthful as, say, lime flavor. Since then, the range of flavors that the jelly beans come in has exploded. Where did all these jelly beans come from? The Goelitz family made candy, but their businesses in the US had their ups and downs. You have to admit that Jelly Belly is a better name for a candy company, even though they make more than beans. They didn't invent jelly beans, but they produce them with more and better flavors. However, it still took a celebrity fan to make these beans a global hit. But why do they make them in flavors called earwax, earthworm, barf, chili, and black pepper? Mainly to keep you on your toes, but there's more to it. You can even get jelly beans that act as a dare, because the good flavors and the bad flavors can't be distinguished by color. As for me, I prefer to get mine from a fancy candy store, where you can mix and match only the flavors you want.
Would You Buy a $400 Pineapple?What would you do with such an expensive pineapple? I hope that you would use it as God intended: a pizza topping.CNN reports that Melissa’s Produce, a specialized fruit and vegetable seller in California, is offering a unique pineapple that took 15 years to develop. This fruit has red, not yellow, flesh. The appropriately named Rubyglow pineapple was first cultivated in China, but is now grown in Costa Rica for export to the United States. People who have tried it say that the Rubyglow has an excellent flavor that is devoid of the trace of bitterness commonly found in pineapple.-via Dave Barry | Photo: Fresh Del Monte
Five Ways to (Try To) Ruin Waygu SteakDrew Magary received a 24-ounce A5 Wagyu ribeye steak, worth around $250, with an assignment to cook it like a non-professional American would, just to see what happens. As you can probably guess already, the story is quite funny. First, he put part of the steak on his backyard smoker for an hour, after he was warned not to. But somehow, it was still the best steak he'd ever eaten. His wife and children did not agree.Please note that Wagyu is so rich and expensive that you usually only eat it in small portions. You’re not supposed to eat it like a normal steak, but I did. I am so full now. I’m not sure I ever need to eat again. I may die. It was worth it.Next, he breaded and fried slices of the Waygu steak and ate them dipped in soy sauce. Still delicious. He slice it very thin and served it raw to guests. It went over well (except for the family). The next day, he fried some up with peppers and onions to make a Philly cheese steak sandwich. Still delicious. For the remaining meat, he just cooked it to death and ate it with ketchup. But Waygu steak doesn't toughen up with cooking, it just shrinks, and it was still delicious. Would any self-respecting steak chef have done any of these things? No, but they are very aware of the price of genuine Waygu steak. For Magary, it was free and tasty. But the story he tells of the emotional bond he made with a $250 chunk of meat is well worth a read at The Takeout.(Image credit: Drew Magary)
Beer Brewed from Camel PoopDoes your beer taste like something excreted from a camel's butt? Perhaps you're drinking Holy Smokes!, a porter brewed using camel feces. ABC News reports that Robe Town Brewery, a brewery in Australia, was inspired by Humpalicious, a neighboring camel dairy farm (yes, you read the correctly).
The Bizarre Gimmick Behind the Heart Attack GrillWe constantly have a surfeit of new restaurants trying to grab your attention. They all want a gimmick to get noticed while they build a clientele. One of the strangest gimmicks was the Heart Attack Grill, which debuted in 2005 and got all the publicity they could possibly ask for, even more when they expanded into Las Vegas in 2011. The decor and service had a theme alright, which seemed kind of cute. Diners wear hospital gowns and are treated as "patients." Morbidly obese people can eat free. But the oversized, fat-laden meals were no joke. Neither were the actual medical incidents connected with the restaurant. The real problem seems to be the kind of diner that this restaurant attracts. Founder Jon Basso embraced the controversy, and has seen his share of legal troubles. But the Heart Attack Grill is still going strong. Its customers? Maybe not so much.