Sauerkraut Balls, the Pride of Akron, OhioIf you live in Akron, you probably eat sauerkraut balls at least several times a year. It is a dish peculiar to northern Ohio, and no one knows whether it originated with German immigrants or Polish immigrants. No one knows how old the custom is, either. But this is Akron's dish, and they aren't just balls of sauerkraut. They are a combination of sauerkraut, pork, eggs, onion, and spices rolled into a huge ball, then breaded and deep fried, served with a creamy sauce. Thao Thai tells us what it's like to eat sauerkraut balls as a newcomer to Akron and then as a long-time resident.You probably won't find sauerkraut balls in a restaurant outside of Ohio, so you'll have to make your own if you are far away. There are plenty of recipes that vary widely, but to get you started, here's one that relies on cream cheese as a binder and one that relies on eggs. -via Metafilter (Image credit: Counselman Collection) 
To Conceive a Child in Uzbekistan, Eat Plov on ThursdayUzbekistan's national dish is plov, or more formally, os palov. The dish is a combination of meat (usually beef and/or mutton), carrots, onions, rice, and spices, cooked for hours. Most families in Uzbekistan eat plov at least once a week, and it's always a part of holiday meals and occasions such as weddings and funerals. In the capital city of Tashkent, the restaurant Besh Qozon serves plov to thousands of diners every day. Their culinary staff work around the clock to fill nine wood-fired vats of plov and bake bread to go with every serving. Plov is such an integral part of Uzbeck cuisine that it is enshrined in Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List. But besides being traditional and popular, it is also imbued with magic powers- for sex. It is said to be an aphrodisiac, and useful when you want to conceive a child. It is best to eat plov on a Thursday, because in Muslim culture, it is said that the Prophet Muhammad was conceived on a Thursday. Read about the history and cultural significance of plov at BBC Travel. -via Digg​(Image credit: Ji-Elle) 
Caviar-Stuffed PastriesHelle Øder Valebrokk, a Norwegian journalist, has dined at some of the finest restaurants in the world and had culinary experiences that are impossible to share without a passport and jet travel. Her Instagram feed is filled with photos and videos of her eating dishes that you’ve never heard of but will want to try.Among them is this panchino pastry that she ate at the Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona. It’s filled with caviar and sour cream and served with truffle-infused vodka. It is thus the most Mediterranean of Russian dishes. Be sure to watch the preparation video, which I understand is displayed for diners to enjoy.
The Best 38 Movies Involving FoodFood is what binds all mankind together. Eating is the pleasure we all share, sometimes as a family, sometimes as a community, and sometimes all alone but still knowing that everyone else is doing the same thing. It's no wonder that food and the pleasure of eating factor so much in our shared entertainment, too. Movies about food find a way to bring us together and touch us deeply. The staff of Eater spent months collaborating on a definitive list of the best food movies, from the obvious (Fried Green Tomatoes) to movies that use food in less obvious yet amazing ways (Spirited Away). The list includes obscure foreign films like La Grande Bouffe, comedies like Good Burger, horror films, animation, and and even shorts. Each has an extensive description and justification for its inclusion. You might get the idea that the list is ranked when you see the first entry, but no, it's in chronological order. Read up on all 38 movies, and think about what you'll snack on as you pull one up on your streaming service.
Hangikjöt, The Sheep Meal Cooked with Sheep PoopWhen the Norse began settling Iceland in the Ninth Century, they found a bitterly cold place with few trees to serve for lumber or firewood. There was, though, plenty of grazing land for sheep, which soon proliferated on the island.With little firewood, the settlers began burning sheep dung for fuel, including for smoking lamb. Atlas Obscura tells us that this is the origin of hangikjöt, a traditional variety of cured lamb. This food, which is commonly served at Christmas, consists of sheep leg or shoulder which is smoked over burning sheep dung, then served with potatoes, peas, and flat bread.Photo: @HellesKitchen​
Pickle-Stuffed Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies“God made pickle-stuffed chocolate chip peanut butter cookies because he loves us and wants us to be happy.” This is a quote attributed to Ben Franklin. But it is wholly apocryphal. Ben Franklin did not say this only because pickle-stuffed chocolate chip peanut butter cookies had not yet been invented.The food engineers at Foodbeast are responsible for bringing together the talents of Stuffed Cookies, a shop that makes stuffed cookies, and Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles, a pickle-tasting bar (!) in Los Angeles. The result is this highly sought after creation that is changing the human dining experience.-via Food with Bros