The Saltiest Fast Foods in AmericaThe easiest way to make food palatable and attractive is to add salt. It's a short cut to flavor, and fast food outlets know this. But we already consume more salt than is healthy for us. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, but says that just 1,500 milligrams is ideal. Most Americans ingest about 3,500 milligrams of sodium everyday, which is already way too much. But the saltiest food found in fast food outlets has 3,820 milligrams in one serving! You would do good to limit your intake of fast food, whether you are concerned with sodium, fat, or processed food. But fast food outlets are mainly concerned with whether a customer finds their food items tastier than the food next door, which is how people on the go decide where to eat. Eat This, Not That! crunched the numbers to compile a list of the 25 menu items from well-known fast food restaurants that go overboard on the sodium. Keep in mind that some are combo orders, and some have more sodium because they are just extra large dishes, but all have more sodium than is necessary or healthy.
Subway Offers Fairy BreadToday I learned about one of Australia’s greatest inventions: fairy bread. This dessert dates back to at least the 1920s down under, as well as in New Zealand. It consists of flat sliced bread covered with just enough soft butter so that sprinkles will stick to it, but not be immersed within it.The submarine sandwich restaurant chain Subway always operates with a limited number of ingredients, but it seeks ways to use those handful of items in inventive ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if we later learn that turning the foot-long sandwich bread into fairy bread was devised by an humble Subway employee in his own shop.-via Messed Up Foods
How to Recreate Papa Johns Garlic Sauce at HomeDennis Lee has a real soft spot for Papa Johns Special Garlic Sauce, which he describes as good enough to make you want to eat all your pizza crust. So he studied the ingredient list and experimented at home to recreate it. His story tells us as much about the process food writers go through to reproduce food as it does about butter dipping sauce. I can't tell you from personal experience how the taste of Papa Johns Special Garlic Sauce differs from a simple combination of garlic and butter that I've made at home, but there is no butter in it. It's a processed food product, and all the ingredients are processed food products. But with some trial and error, Lee achieved a garlic sauce that he claims is even better than Papa Johns. And it only requires two ingredients that you may already have in your house. But you'll want to see what he did wrong, and what turned out to be right in preparing it at The Takeout.(Image credit: Dennis Lee)
This Is a Double BananaRedditor /u/EarthBound19 shares photos of a weirdly deformed banana that appears to be two separate fruits melded together. It's like the Tuvix of the banana world.
Dill Pickles are Having a MomentA Toronto doughnut shop is selling Dill Pickle Donut Fritters. Machino Donuts is offering them for a limited time. Are they sweet or do they taste like a dill pickle? Both, actually. They are made by topping a donut with a fried dill pickle, then slathering it with their dill sour cream glaze. Oh yeah, they are stuffed with chopped pickles, too. Would you try these doughnuts?
The Amazing Variety of Burritos Across the USBurritos may have originated in northern Mexico, but Americans eat a lot more of them. A burrito is pretty simple- you take all the savory foods you like and wrap them up in a flour tortilla, perfect for eating on the go and when you want one thing to satisfy your cravings and fill you up. But when you order one at a restaurant or a food truck, you need to know what's inside. Every region of the country has their signature style, but outlets offer you a choice. Lat's take a look at the different styles of burritos offered here and there, how they came about, and what the differences are, narrated by Tom Blank of Weird Food History. This way you can select one for your default and know what you're getting, and also try out some new ones to expand your palate. It's always best to have two or three favorites so you can always find a burrito you'll love. Unless, of course, you already love every burrito anyway. If that's the case, well, you'll still enjoy this video.