A Food Blogger Clashes with the Real World

If you've ever looked up a recipe on the internet, and we know you have or you wouldn't be here, you know that food bloggers have a tendency to tell a long story about a dish before telling us how to make it. It's not just a tradition in a thoroughly modern profession; there are concrete reasons for the long-winded introductions. When you depend on ad revenue to pay for your ingredients, you have to have room for those ads, and you have to get indexed at Google search. However, these long recipe intros have become a meme that even food bloggers themselves laugh about. Ryan George personifies the clash between the online recipe world and the chaotic art of running a restaurant by sending a food blogger to work the back end. His first day on the job goes as well as you might expect, since everyday work habits are hard to change. Too bad the head chef doesn't seem to know about the "jump to recipe" button. This guy probably has it on him somewhere. My guess is that he has it under his hat.

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