Fancy Vegan Recipes to Add to Your Thanksgiving Feast

So, you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner and you find out that one or more of your favorite guests are now vegan. You think through your planned recipes, and every side dish has butter or eggs or milk in it. Sure, you could open up a few cans of veggies, but these are people you love and want to please. You'll not only please them, but impress them with completely vegan recipes for things like roasted delicata squash, balsamic Brussels sprouts, or Zuppa Toscana. You'll also find vegan versions of classics like mushroom gravy, drop biscuits, and wild rice stuffed sweet potatoes. There are 25 vegan holiday recipes in all, covering breakfast, snacks, and desserts as well as dinner dishes, from Mississippi Vegan. -via Nag on the Lake ā€‹

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