How to Best Avoid or Deal With Kitchen Injuries

If you love to experiment with new foods and new cooking techniques, or even if you just cook the same things over and over, you need to be ready to deal with those unexpected times you may get hurt doing it. If your attention flags for even an instant, you could find yourself burned by hot food or an appliance, or bleeding from a knife cut. Knowing how to treat those wounds will save you time and pain when it happens, or even a trip to the emergency room. You are much more likely to be hurt in the kitchen than in your bathroom, so keep your band-aids and burn cream ready where it's needed.

Eater talked to professional chefs about kitchen safety and first aid, and found that most of them have made mistakes you will want to avoid. For example, chef Eric Huang warns that running cold water over a burn is a bad thing to do. He knows this from emergency room doctors who treated his burns. He recommends growing an aloe plant in the kitchen.

Mindfulness is the best way to avoid injuries while cooking, but developing safety habits can go a long way in keeping you from being injured. Learn what foods are the worst to cause burns, what techniques are the most dangerous, and how to treat minor injuries in the kitchen from those who have been there at Eater. 

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