How to Keep Cucumbers Fresh in Storage

In Europe, you walk home from work, stopping at the local grocers to pick up what you need for dinner tonight. In the US, you drive several miles to purchase a cart full of groceries to last a week or two, because the trip itself is exhausting. That's why it is important to know the best way to store fresh produce so that it will last several days before going soft and limp.

That brings us to cucumbers. They need to be used as soon as possible while they are still crisp, but you can make them stay fresh a little longer if you wash, dry, and store them properly to keep them from the over-ripening effects of ethylene gas emitted from other fruits and vegetables. Learn storage tips for whole cucumbers, cut cucumbers, and cucumber pieces, plus recipes for both fresh cukes and those that have started softening, at Epicurious.

(Image credit: Salicyna

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