In Praise of the Thanksgiving Gravy Boat

Not many people use a gravy boat anymore. There is a movement to reject dishes and other kitchen gadgets that have only one use, and the gravy boat is really only good at serving gravy. Gravy is rarely served as a separate food at the table anymore. But you still have one, don't you? Jaya Saxena wants you to pull it out for your Thanksgiving feast. Using a gravy boat may be impractical, even bordering on the ridiculous, but it is elegant, and adds a certain bit of specialness to a holiday feast. After all, a gravy boat may only have one purpose, but it fills that purpose really well. Read the many reasons you should use a gravy boat at Thanksgiving at Eater. 

I use a gravy boat for every family feast that involves gravy. That's because I am old school, and I collect china. You better believe I'm going to use every possible serving dish that matches! But the matching gravy boat is too small for my huge Thanksgiving feast, as it survives from the days when they were used for every meal and people ate sensible portions. So I also use an insulated gravy pitcher, another one-purpose dish except modern, at the other end of the table.

(Image credit: Cleveland Museum of Art

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