Tomoko Shibata's Adorable Food Art

Japanese food artist Tomoko Shibata, who goes by the nickname tomato, uses fruit, vegetables, nori, bread, cheese, rice, and plenty of other foods to create pop culture characters and holiday scenes. They look too good to eat, but Shibata expects you to eat them. After all, she has two young sons who inspire her work, and they need to eat their lunch! Besides, the best will be saved for posterity with photography

When you see these snacks, you might think that they would be easy to make, now that someone else has designed them. But it takes a deft hand and lots of practice to make these treats come out so cute. That doesn't mean you can't get started now!

See a gallery of Shibata's 30 best artworks at Bored Panda. 

And see more at Shibata's Instagram gallery, TikTok page, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel. ​

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