What Happens When You Light a Sparkler Stuck through an Egg?

TikTok user djwaffle0 describes himself as a "Proud Dad in Scotland." I don't need to confirm this claim because this sort of experiment is exactly what dads think of. I'm just upset that I didn't think of it myself and compel my daughters to participate in a similar experiment.

Hypothesis (this is scientific research, after all): a sparkler stuck through an egg will extinguish when the flame reaches the interior of the egg because a lack of oxygen will snuff out the fire.

The actual result is not only informative, but also visually stunning. Watch it all. To quote the philosopher Beavis, "Fire is cool."


Part 2- Eggsperiment! How to get sparkler through egg and the final result of the inside! #sparklers #eggexperiment #rainyday #kidsexperimenting #experiment

♬ original sound - djwaffle

Now you might wonder how to stick a sparkler through a raw egg without rupturing it. This is a necessary step for replicating the experiment. Djwaffle0 shows us how in this follow-up video.

-via Eric Rivera

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