Who Has the Biggest Wiener in Major League Baseball?

Nothing evokes the concept of Americana more than eating a hot dog while watching a baseball game. And, like state fairs, stadiums love to offer new and different foods for their public relations value. Having the longest hot dog in major league baseball is something sports boys love to brag about, and the jokes just gain more publicity. With this in mind, sports betting site BetUS actually hired a fan, known as the "Wiener Connoisseur," to visit all thirty MLB stadiums and study their hot dogs. And the results are in. 

Twelve stadiums offered a footlong hot dog, which is 12 inches. The Ultimate Seattle Dog, offered by the Seattle Mariners, comes in at 10.5 inches, and two other teams have 10-inch wieners. But the biggest by far is the Boomstick Hot Dog at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, where the Texas Rangers play. You've heard that everything is bigger in Texas. The Boomstick is 24 inches long! The Boomstick has been a fixture in Arlington since 2012. It is an all-beef wiener served on a potato bun (the bun is not quite as long as the wiener), with chili, nacho cheese, caramelized onions, and jalapeños. This year, it costs $32.96.

Listed at #2 is "The Yard Dog," advertised at 36 inches, but it is actually three footlong wieners served on one bun. You'll find it in Baltimore at the Orioles games. -via Foodbeast 

(Image credit: Ryan Denis

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